Hierath Products, LLC

Hierath Products, Denver, Colorado, is a product design, development, manufacturing and marketing company.

Our Mission: Identify problems, design solutions, manufacture and market products based on simple, clean designs which have good utility for our customers.

Our History: Since 1971, we have been designing and developing products to serve a wide range of applications and industries. Some of the products and trademarks include: Hierath Weighing Systems; Superior Flow Hopper; Stock Shock, a humane solution; Slim Thin Wallet, Scor-Post an on-court tennis scorekeeper for amateur matches; Leaves In Bags; up/dn Coin; Fabric Market Basket and our latest, the Soap Bar Lounge.

Our eBook: From the Shop Page, you can buy and download three copies of a 30-page eBook titled:

Launch - Breakout Your Invention from Home - The author provides a fresh look at the inventing, product development and commercialization process with some emphasis on what you can do and should do from your home. He encourages inventors to solve problems at their homes by designing, building and testing their ideas to gain product development experience. Suggestions are included for effective patent searches, product development steps, other books to read, websites to visit and the easiest markets to pursue. Ideas are shared for how to set up a home factory to keep your start up costs low. This eBook is for the inventive you plus it is meant to be shared with two of your inventive friends.

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